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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

in this section we hope to answer many of your questions. Please do call us on 0845 459 5779
Yes think of the inconvenience of removing windows, shopfronts and glass partitioning, replacing manifestation, mastic and reapplying paint.
Almost any glass can be polished except glass that has a coating.
Wherever the damaged glass is or wherever is convenient to the client. Van are fully equipped to undertake any glass scratch removal
Yes, we work to help our clients, so if jobs can only be done at night or weekends, we can accommodate this.
No you will be quoted a price and this will be the price, only if you find extra work or add work on we will re-negotiate.
Yes, but for only light scratches.
Yes all technicians are fully trained in all aspects of all scratch and repair.
A repair is what is says, it’s a repair we work to very high standards and generally repairs are invisible to the naked eye.

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We primarily work in London and the South East but are available to work anywhere in the UK and Europe.
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Glass Repair Specialists in Kent & London
Our glass polishing systems allow you to make huge savings compared to the replacement price, and the systems we developed are designed to suit the highest requirements in the industry.
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