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Glass Scratch Removal in the South East

Scratches can be caused by almost any hard object hitting or touching glass. The location of damage can vary from building sites to jewellers front windows and counter tops, domestic applications i.e. shower cubicles, coffee tables, mirrors "etc", office partitioning the list can, and always will be, never ending.

All this and much more can be refurbished by Reflection Glass Repair using a non distortion polishing method involving the very latest in technology.
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Glass Chip and Shell Repairs in the South East

No matter how or where a piece of glass is damaged Reflection Glass Repair will always inspect and give a full and honest assessment of the damage. We always talk to our clients and inform them what it would entail to carry out a repair that leaves the glass clear and strong.

All our Technicians have the expertise and experience to facilitate these repairs using the very latest in modern technology.

Please ring or email for advice or a quote.
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Glass Repairs for the Transport Industry in 
and around London

Etched and acid graffiti, vandalism, is a massive problem for the Transport Industry, an eyesore for the travelling public and a headache for management. All this can be solved by removal of the graffiti and the application of an anti graffiti film. An expensive problem, a cost effective solution provided by Reflection Glass Repair.
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Glass Graffiti Removal

Graffiti, an act of vandalism is usually committed using a sharp hard implement or acid. Both of these methods seem to be on the increase, with acid being their latest idea. Unfortunately both can be etched into any glass in any location, but normally appears on shop Fronts, Hotel windows and doors, Art Galleries, Museums and more.

Fortunately all this can be removed and polished to a clear finish by Reflection Glass Repair who can also offer a glass protective filming system, this may not stop further vandalism but will greatly reduce rectification costs in the future.
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Specialists in Glass Scratch Repair & Glass Chip Removal in London, Kent and the South East.

Reflection Glass Repairs Ltd has over 10 years’ experience in glass repair, glass scratch removal, etched and acid graffiti removal, non-distort glass polishing, glass chip repair and glass resin injection repairs and also solar, security and bomb blast protective glass films.

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Repairing Glass will ultimately save you money, due to the cost of glass, delivery, fitting, re-installation and the inconvenience this may cause to you.
Our Clients range from the country's largest glazing manufacturers, state Management Companies, Facilities Management Companies to private Clients.

Reflection Glass Repair has obtained a reputation for an economical, prompt and professional glass repair service.

Glass can be repaired by many different techniques, within a time scale to suit our Customers’ requirements.

Advice can be given over the phone although we would always recommend a visit from our trained estimating team!
Glass Repair Specialists in Kent & London
Our glass polishing systems allow you to make huge savings compared to the replacement price, and the systems we developed are designed to suit the highest requirements in the industry.
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